About IdeaMonger

We Believe...

Innovation and creativity are the antidotes to commoditization.   

Innovation is produced in many industries – not just technology.

Innovation comes in many forms – not just product innovation.

Stunning, powerful, game-changing innovation and creativity also happens in places besides Silicon Valley, New York and similar same-old-cities around the globe…

We call these other places "un-Valley" markets.

People of many ages, ethnicities, socio-economic and educational backgrounds are successful innovators – not just 20-somethings fresh from (graduating or dropping out of) Stanford and Harvard.

Together, we can spur a broader, more diverse set of makers, innovators, artists and entrepreneurs if we uncover and showcase those with under-recognized innovative genius.

By thoughtfully and transparently discussing challenges to innovation in un-Valley markets, we can address and overcome those obstacles – opening opportunities for far more creators.  

Our world needs every innovator and creator we can get.

Who Is The IdeaMonger Audience?

  • Makers, Creators, Innovators and Entrepreneurs in un-Valley markets (anywhere that isn’t Silicon Valley, NY, Boston and their equivalents outside the U.S.)
  • Investors, analysts, pundits, politicians, economic development leaders, educators and scholars who care about the innovation and creation communities.
  • Anyone else who feels like it except for:  Curmudgeons, cranks, bigots, bullies, whiners, nitwits, nitpickers and sociopaths. 

IdeaMonger Origins

Andrew Scott Dietz, that's me.  This blog emerged while I was writing the series, “Fixin’ To Innovate.”   I realized the astounding breadth and depth of talented makers, creators, innovators and entrepreneurs who work outside the traditional centers of innovation and who vigorously strive to bring ideas to life and to change the world by doing so.

My heroes are creators.  Too many to name.  This site honors them. 

Failure and fault are not bad things.  I expect that through IdeaMonger I will do more than my fair share of things wrong - including, perhaps, starting this up in the first place.  Please hang-in there with me.  I'll do my best to learn, improve and continuously bring value to you through these pages.  And, I welcome and need your help.  Go ahead, contact me.

In my “real life,” I am Managing Partner of Creative Growth, which I launched in 2003 after twenty years running services marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial ventures.  Creative Growth’s helps B2B Services Firms with strategy, innovation, marketing and business development – all in the interest of revenue growth.  My clients are especially focused on driving innovation within their firms and also on helping their customers to innovate.  Not long ago, I authored The Opening Playbook:  A Professional’s Guide To Building Relationships That Grow Revenue (McGraw-Hill, 2014).  

In my spare time, I’m also focused on innovation and creation.  In 2006, I wrote the nationally acclaimed book, The Last Folk Hero, which championed raw creative talent in the world of outsider art.  I have served on the Board of Directors for the Anti-Defamation League, Atlanta College of Art, IMAGE Film and Video, Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and of VOX Teen Communications.  I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a Masters in Business Administration with honors from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business with an emphasis on services marketing.